Our Bulgaria Ministry Story

In January 2002, we landed at Sofia International Airport with our two young sons to begin what has become an exciting ministry in partnership with the Bulgarian Baptist Union. Prior to starting our work with International Ministries, we farmed in south-central Colorado on the farm where Tom was raised. It was this background that first brought us to Bulgaria as Tom was commissioned to assist the Bulgarian Baptist Union in the area of rural and agricultural development. Although Tom’s focus has changed over the years, there are still photos available which give a glimpse into the lives of those living in the villages in Bulgaria and our early ministries there.

Tom is now involved primarily in development and in job and small business creation, using these as a means to address the issues of poverty and trafficking. He is also involved with Business as Mission to explore ways that business can contribute to the work of the Baptist churches in Bulgaria.The first business which Tom is working on opening is a small café/coffee shop which will be located in the new ministry center building of Sofia Baptist Church. This business will support the ministry outreaches of the church, build connections with ministries working in community development around the world, and provide a place for job training.

Terry’s ministry continues to be focused on working with women and children, but the ways in which this is carried out has evolved through the years. She is involved with a literacy program which works with Roma children helping them be better prepared when they start school. For those children already attending school, the program helps build their competencies in math and Bulgarian language and assists them with their homework. In addition to the school work portion of the program, the children are also taught basic life skills, such as how to wash their hands and treating others with respect. Each day they meet the time concludes with a Bible story and a healthy snack.

Bulgaria is a major source country for women and children being trafficked into the sex trade in Western Europe and elsewhere around the world. This evil of human trafficking has become a major focus of Terry’s work in Bulgaria as she joined forces with others interested in the issue. Currently the main emphasis of their work is an outreach to girls being prostituted along a major highway in Sofia. Work has started on possibly opening a shelter in Bulgaria which will assist those wanting to make a new start in their lives.

Terry and Tom are also involved in a growing ministry to refugees entering Bulgaria and are assisting local churches in their outreaches to the refugees and are exploring ways the churches can become more involved. It is our prayer that through this website you will gain a better understanding of the ministries in which we are involved. We would also like to invite you to become part of our ministries through prayer and financial support. We are able to do what we do only because of dedicated supporters who give generously.
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About Our Family

Family photo

This is our family. Terry, Tom, A.J., and Nathan Myers. Our Bulgaria ministry began in 2002 after being commissioned by International Ministries of the American Baptist Churches, and then moving to a private residence on the outskirts of Sofia. We both received degrees from Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, Tom's in Vocational Agriculture and Terry's in Graphic Design. A.J. is studying at the University of Denver, and Nathan is in his last year at an English-speaking secondary school in Sofia.

Photos of our Bulgaria Ministries

Click here to see photos of our Bulgaria ABC-USA IM ministries. We're helping many people in Bulgaria, such as providing micro-enterprise loans that enable individuals and families to start their own businesses or to expand existing businesses. In addition, Tom is helping local churches and families by providing animals, seeds, fertilizers, and the necessary training so they can raise some of their own food. Terry is working with Roma children to learn English in a Wednesday after-school class held at the Sofia Baptist Church. We also host mission teams from the U.S. who come here to do in-country projects that we coordinate and participate in.
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