Coffee Shop Project

Sofia Coffee Shop
In 2004 Sofia Baptist Church broke ground on what would become their new church and ministry center. In September of 2015 the building phase of the project will be completed and the building will be occupied by the church and the various ministries with which they are involved.

As part of the project, it is the desire of the church to have a small coffee shop located in one of the ground-floor store fronts of the new building. Tom is excited about making this dream a reality as he will oversee the start-up of a café/coffee shop once the building is ready. The vision of the coffee shop is to be a part of the ongoing ministries of the church: a church which believes they should be involved in their community seven days a week, not only on Sundays.

We believe this business should be about more than profits; it should also have a positive impact on the community. Often referred to as a “triple bottom line”—financial, social and environmental outcomes are equally important. The social impact of the business comes from being part of a job-training program which will lead to better employment opportunities for at-risk youth and those trying to restore their lives after years of abuse. We also hope to have a social impact through sourcing our coffee and teas from sustainable growers around the globe who are working to positively impact their own communities.

Phase 2 of the coffee shop will see the addition of a coffee roaster. The roaster will add a new and exciting dimension to both the coffee shop and the job-training program.

This project is funded in part by a grant from One Great Hour of Sharing funds, so in addition to support for our ministries we hope you will also support One Great Hour of Sharing.
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(Last updated 14 May 2015)