Literacy Project

Literacy Program
In 2004, along with a team from Sofia Baptist Church, we began a small literacy program to take on the challenge of illiteracy and low school attendance among the Roma (Gypsy) children in the neighborhood around the church.

The program currently meets twice a week. The teaching team is made up of an elementary school teacher and several other volunteers from the Sofia Baptist Church who have a heart for helping these children create better lives for themselves. The program provides a warm and loving place for the children to learn basic reading, writing, math and geography skills. The children learn about Jesusí love for them through Bible stories and lessons, and a healthy snack is provided for each of the children before they go home. The program also helps teach the children basic life and hygiene skills by providing a place to take a shower, receive clean clothes and learn how to care for their bodies.

Many of the girls who attend the literacy program are at high risk of becoming involved in prostitution simply because of their lack of education and job skills, so one of the goals of the program is to address the issue of human trafficking with these girls through educational programs and through prevention materials.

It is our hope that one day the literacy program will expand to be five days per week, and that full-time staff can be hired to run the program. It is our prayer that the children who attend will come to know how much God loves them, and see that they have a future as bright as the promises of God!
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(Last updated 14 May 2015)