Refugee Support

Refugee Ministry
One of the newest ministries for us working with a growing refugee population in Bulgaria. These refugees are coming from many places including Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Many of the most recent refugees are fleeing the civil war in Syria. The increasing number of refugees are placing a strain on the available services in Bulgaria and the churches are looking for ways they can step in and provide assistance. To date, this assistance has included food, clothing, shoes, and furnishings for the places they are being housed.

Moving forward it is our desire to see the church more fully engaged in providing for the long-term needs of the refugees through language assistance, help with settling in Bulgaria for the long-term, and speaking up for the needs of the refugees.

As Bulgaria and the rest of Europe wrestles with the growing number of refugees it is our prayer that the church will be a light of hope amidst the struggles.
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(Last updated 14 May 2015)